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What would be the consequence of completely eliminating the greenhouse effect?


Hema Sheshadri

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The greenhouse effect has now become a topic of research. It has not remained limited to the elimination of carbon dioxide gas only. The heat produced due to the effect has caused the formation of other gases also. Other gases like methane, nitrous oxide and ozone are also formed in high amount. The primary reasons behind such elimination are increasing population, cutting of trees, pollution and last but not the least is an imbalance in environmental diversities.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect is generally used by countries having cold weather. They use the impact to grow plants in a dome-like glass. The glass can allow heat or sunlight to get trapped without going outside. It provides plants appropriate heat to grow. The same process is being happened on earth. The atmosphere traps the heat produced by vehicle emission, deforestation, and other human or natural activities. The earth’s surface bounds the excess of heat. However, some of it gets trapped by the surface of the earth and the atmosphere. It ultimately causes the rise in temperature, melting of glaciers and the climate change. And sunlight in summers further add-up to the heat produced on the earth.

Condition after elimination of the Greenhouse effect

It is uncertainty to think that the greenhouse effect will get eliminated. Only the greenhouse effect has made the planet to become warm and livable (to some extent because an excess of gases will inevitably affect life on the planet). One can assume two significant conditions:

  • Elimination of greenhouse effect means the disappearance of gases like CO2, methane, etc. This would cause the temperature to reach around -40°C. However, this condition may arise due to the complete elimination of greenhouse gases. This further gives rise to another assumption,

  • Elimination of greenhouse gases will not eliminate the accumulation of carbon dioxide by the earth’s surface. The human activities would still be there. Once the carbon dioxide emitted from the burning of fossil fuels get absorbed by the atmosphere, land, water or the surface of the earth; it will make the earth to proceed towards the “rock stage”(as marine shells will settle on the bottom of the ocean and will form calcium carbonate). However, it will take several years when the temperature will be higher than the temperature due to the elimination of greenhouse gases or CO2. The change caused by heat accumulation by the earth is more than the heat trapped by the air. It is entirely an assumption that such things could happen as the conditions will change, and that change will be nothing but worst than ever!

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