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What type of lifestyle do you want to give to your children?


Edhi Mehtra

Take your dreams seriously

When you have kids or are planning to have these little balls or mischief, one thing occurs in every parent's mind- what would you like them to grow up like and also trying to anticipate, what can matter the most from the views of the children. Surely, you would like for them to grow up in a loving environment at home where they grow up safe, learning about the world but in a controlled manner. But sometimes even with the best-laid plans go awry and here are some pointers to remember while preparing your little one for life later on: 

Don't Shame your children

People face financial problems in their life, but that shouldn't be the reason for you to blame a child for wanting things which they would naturally see and like. The right way would be to correct the kids into thinking that to get something they will have to work for it. Or perhaps you can make them understand that it is not possible for you to get them the thing they want just then because of the circumstances. A little tact can go a long way. 

Try to be a role model

Parents are the first people to children look up to and learn their values from. Kids might not always follow your wishes, but they will undoubtedly always carry out the actions you do. Whatever actions you carry out, your child will also do so as well, so make sure that you instill positive actions in them. 

Teach your children about hard work and its importance

Kids need to learn that they need to work to get something. It creates work ethics and teaches them the importance of money. It helps them in the long run by teaching them that they aren't going to be just handed things all their life. A child should be work and return according to their age and keeping child labor laws in mind as well. The motto is to teach them the value of working hard and not to make them your free labor. 

Don't fill your kid's need for emotional hunger by material possessions

Remember that cravings for material resources are just a way to channel the needs which aren't being met in them and these needs mostly belong to emotional and psychological ones that involve being appreciated, seen and cherished. To ensure that you spend adequate time with your child and don't let yourself be guilt-tripped into buying things for them to make up for being unable to give them time. 

Children learn from the guidelines we set for them and so it is important that we set positive lifestyle examples for them to follow. 

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