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What to do when a contractor doesn't finish the job?


Rakhi Dey

Your only limit is your mind

Nothing can be more irritating than a remodeling work which starts well on time and then gets stopped just because of the fact that the contractor moves out without completing the job. You may find many reasons behind this act of the contractor. Few of them may be understandable, like when the contractor has got injured during the course of work. And sometimes the reasons are not understandable like the contractor is facing financial difficulties or overloaded with other works.

If any such thing happens to you, try to know the reason behind it. If you find that the reason informed by the contractor is a lie then warn him. Tell him/her if the work is not fixed and completed you are going to take action. If the warning didn’t work on your favor then take bold steps like giving a full page ad in any of the leading local paper with a picture of the contractor and the leftover work at your place. This will come up as a serious threat for the contractor and his/her license may even get canceled.

If the contractor comes back and gets everything fixed and satisfactorily completes the work then take necessary steps to get his/her license reissued.

The first thing that you need to check at the time of hiring a contractor is that if the company of the contractor is licensed or not. So if a problem arises from the contractor's side, you can seek help from the licensing agency. They will register a complaint and may support you to resolve the problem and help you to complete the task.
If in case you find the contractor an unlicensed one, or if in case the state’s licensing board refused to accept your complaint about the contractor, you are open to request for mediation or arbitration. 

Before signing the legal contract with the contractor, check in detail about the disputed clauses. Make the required changes in the agreement or contract which you feel is not correct and may hamper your rights. In case the situation is complicated for you, you need to hire a lawyer. A lawyer will check the details of the unfinished construction project and will review the signed contract between you and the contractor. The lawyer will be able to find a way to fix the conflict and complete the work, on the other hand depending on the value of the claim made by you, the lawyer will make the arrangements for getting the best compensation possible.

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