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An era ends after passing out the class X boards, isn’t it? The tough choice is to choose the best stream for you. But don’t worry at all if you are aspiring your future through the study of humanities as now there is a great scope you to make your future bright through this stream. Here we are going to explore some details on the flow – Humanities.

Then the humanities stream has a wide variety of subjects for you all. Humanities is all about human thought, culture, and experiences. It uses subjective and rational methods to investigate the civilized world. There are many subjects covered under Humanities. The common subjects that fall under the realm of humanities are : 

  • History – The study of the past, i.e., events occurring in the past.

  • Geography – The study of the earth and its features, phenomena, and inhabitants.

  • Psychology – The study of the human mind and behavior.

  • Sociology – The study of understanding and analysis of society with all its complexity and diversity.

  • Anthropology – The study of human beliefs, society, culture, and language.

  • Fashion studies – The study of applying designs and aesthetics to clothing and accessories.

  • Political science – The study of state and systems of government and analysis of political activity and behavior.

  • Philosophy – The study of thought concerning nature, ethics, being, knowledge, logic and all manner of theory.

  • Economics- The studies of productions, consumption in transfer or utilization of resources. 

  • English- The study of Literature and Language through various forms of writings like drama, novels, poetries, fictions, stories, etc. where the primary medium of education is English.

  • Sanskrit- The study of the ancient Indo-European language of India, through the classical Indian epic poems, Hindu scriptures, etc. 

  • Art- The descriptive study of human creation which includes the skill to produce the image in the form of paintings, scriptures, sculptures, etc.

  • Music- The combination of instruments, lyrics and melody and rhythm is called music. This is also a subject of humanities. 

Now, these are the most common and valuable subject of Humanities which can lead you towards a highly educated future where you can further provide knowledge to your nest generation learners too. But with the advancement and demand of various practical fields, humanities have given rise to different other professional subjects also. Gaining degrees in such subjects can provide you with fast employment and knowledge on how to deal with the practical world as well. They are Mass communication or journalism, Social Work, Law, Photography, Public relations, Librarianship, Graphic designing, Fashion Designing and so on.

Science and Education Courses

Philosophy of Logic

S M Nazmuz Sakib

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This course will help you think more clearly through many of life's dilemmas and difficult situations. Some logical fallacies you might be familiar with are: Ad hominem, begging the question, red...

10 hrs 4.27 mins 7 Students Enrolled 22 Lectures

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Philosophy of Astrobiology: An introduction

S M Nazmuz Sakib

5.00 (2)

Astrobiology, formerly known as exobiology, is an interdisciplinary scientific field concerned with the origins, early evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe. Astrobiology cons...

6 hrs 44.6 mins 29 Students Enrolled 12 Lectures

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Digital Logic Design


5.00 (13)

To introduce the theoretical and aspects of digital electronics, which is the back bone for the basics of the hardware aspect of computers and other modern electronic gadgets

33.52 mins 115 Students Enrolled 4 Lectures

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Upgrade your Vocabulary- 100 Advanced Words for En...


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Fuel your vocabulary today by taking this advanced course rapidly

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