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What skills do I need to get machine learning jobs?


Joseph T Ortega

Be a Warrior and not a Worrier

At present, the advancements in the field of Machine Learning are soaring sky high, and in the very near future, it’ll flourish more. And because of this, there has been an increment in the market for machine learning professionals. But this increased the competition as well. You need to keep yourself equipped with the latest skills to make your mark and survive in the long run. In this module, we’ll be highlighting the different skills which you need to master to crack machine learning.

  • Basics and Programming Languages

    Start by focussing on the base. The foundation needs to be very strong; otherwise, the entire pillar of knowledge will crumble down. You need to master the basics of programming languages like Python, Java, C, C#, R, etc. As a machine learning professional you’ll be working with computers and associated devices and will be framing different algorithms to perform specific tasks. So more the programming languages you master, the better you’ll be able to interact with the devices.

  • Data Modelling and Evaluation

    This focuses on estimating the reliability of the underlying structure of the concerned data set and chalking out similar patterns from the concerned data set.  

  • Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries

    Algorithms are one of the most important components for machine learning. You can access a vast number of algorithms from different libraries and available packages like Theano, TensorFlow, h2O, etc., and then applying the same in a suitable model. You need to learn about the different ways you can approach and compare the results obtained in each individual approach.

  • Software Design

    The end product remains software soi it becomes essential to master the different techniques aimed at providing reliable software to the customers. You need to perform different tasks like system design and analysis, vision control, modularity, testing, etc. for utmost customer satisfaction.

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