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What makes a good education system?

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Swati Jobin

Wake up with a purpose

Children are the future of society, and if you want your future to be bright, then it is only possible through the quality of the discipline and knowledge they are provided. Whenever we think of a proper system of quality education, we first think about the existing system of education in the country. A kid’s future depends a lot on the quality of education his school or institutions provide. Even when a child grows older and attains a college or a university, there also the education quality matters a lot. But, can you say proudly that there is a perfect education system in the country?  If not, then how should be an education system be termed as a perfect one? Now you will get to know about the factors which make a good education system. 

 I. While you are aspiring for a great education system, then it should focus on the quality based knowledge which increases the thought process and learning skills of the students instead of just loading some bulks of contents into their minds.

ii. In many countries, teachers are not paid well as they are regarded as the most relaxing professionals. It should not be forgotten that a kid’s future is in the hands of both his parents and the teachers. Thus teachers have a great responsibility in developing a child’s future. If they are not paid well, they can lose their motivation.

iii. A good education system will focus not only on the book based knowledge but also on every aspect of knowledge like co-curricular activities, music, debates, dance, sports, art, craft, etc. These help a student in becoming a multitasker and shine in the future.

iv. Books are the primary source for knowledge for which it should be away from the influence of any particular political or religious bias. 

v. The medium of learning should be made secure, simple, exciting and student friendly. Try to make use of the technologies positively. For eg., nowadays audio-visual aids are used to teach in the classrooms which have proven to be very fruitful for the proper learning. 

v. It should not be denied that the kids or students are intimately attached to their parents. Thus, if an education system only focuses on the students, then it is not a complete system. The schools and institutions should interact well with the parents too in the form of meetings, annual programs, small gathering parties, etc.


Justin Brooks

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