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What jobs can you get with a public relations degree?


Radha Din

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Many companies and high-level individuals always look for a public relations officer who would be able to assist them in areas like public speaking, crisis management, and many others. Being a Public relations officer is not the only job someone with a public relations degree can do. If you are wondering what jobs you can get with a public relations degree, then look no further because we will bring you a list of some of these jobs. Public relation is a field that offers opportunities in a variety of fields. A public relations degree equips you with excellent skills in a variety of areas like communication, public speaking, content writing, promotional skills, marketing skills to name a few. People with Public Relations degrees can work in a different number of settings like government agencies, educational institutions, not for profit organizations, companies, and a host of others. We will look at the 6 main jobs people with a public relations degree can get in the paragraphs that follow.

Public Relations Specialist

Many people with public relations degrees start as Public Relations Specialists. This is usually the starting position before they can eventually move up to managerial roles. The primary function of the public relations specialist is to create a positive image of the institution before its public.

Public Relations Manager

The leading role of the public relations manager is to maintain and promote a positive image of the company, institution or organization before the public.

Communication Manager

Someone with a public relations degree can also act as a Communication Manager. The primary role of the person will be to draft and implement the external and internal communication strategies of the institution where they work.

Media Relations Specialist

As a media relations specialist, a holder of a degree in public relations will manage all relationships with the media including setting up press conferences and sending out press releases.

Social Media Manager

With a Public relations degree, you can get a job as a social media manager. Tasks will involve dealing with people on social media and also posting content across social media platforms.

Marketing Coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, a degree holder in public relations will be charged with managing all marketing campaigns be it on social media or tv and radio. They will coordinate to ensure that marketing events are a success.

Other jobs 

Other jobs for someone with a degree in public relations are; marketing communications specialist, marketing assistant, copywriter, publicists, spokesperson, sales promotion account executive, adverting executive, etc.

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