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Political science degree gives a feeling that it is meant only for senators, governors or mayors, but the real fact is that it is one of the highly diverse and far-reaching subjects which offers excellent opportunities for the students. It not only educates students regarding government organization, but also teaches about how to make good communication, analysis, research, and several other things which will be good for the nation at large. If you have a keen interest in current events, then political science is a subject worth considering to be taken as a major. Political science as a subject is a study on the laws and how the same is made. It deals with similar structures which are formed by governments across the world. The question that needs to be answered is the job prospect of students after completion of education with major as political science.

• Public relations: Those who deal in PR work in response to maintain a polished image of a company, an organization or it can also be a particular person, who can be a politician or even a public figure. 

• Corporate Manager: Corporate managers are responsible for providing support to an organization to run smoothly by making the monitoring of projects, coordinating with workers and employees and then, reporting to executives. They play a responsible role in the implementation of policies and procedures which will be functional in the office. Office managers may also play an essential role in the management of office budget by utilizing their analytical knowledge which they gained from their political science degree. 

• Policy Analyst: As political science deals with the process used for generating public policy, so the role of a policy analyst will be to make natural application of their skills like strong critical thinking, policy writing, and research skills.   They will make the formation of statements regarding nature as well as the impact of the proposals for the public policy.

• Social Media Manager: Public opinion is majorly shaped based on social media opinion. Political candidates, parties, officials, and similar interest groups are always in need of social media managers for monitoring the views of the constituents regarding their administration outcomes and current issues.

• Political Scientist: The role of a political scientist will be to do research, gather information and analyze the findings which are relating to political subjects and its policies. They work minutely to diagnose the effects of the systems and then predict the potential impact of others which are based on past events. 

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