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What jobs can you get with a mechanical engineering degree?


David Kreps

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Education is rightly described as a power, and one of the most useful degrees one can graduate with is a degree in mechanical engineering. For students, graduates and prospective mechanical engineers, one of the most common questions they ask is what type of jobs can be secured with a degree in mechanical engineering. In a world where unemployment is a major crisis in many nations, this is a very valid question. 

The good thing is that there is an impressive array of jobs and professions that can be done with a degree in this course. With a mechanical engineering degree, there are numerous career paths in different industries that are open and available. These include but are not limited to the automotive, electrical/electronic, chemical, metal, construction, and energy industries. The following are jobs that one can get with the degree in question;

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineers are specifically saddled with the design of various machines such as air conditioners, internal combustion engines, steam/gas engines, escalators, lift systems and so on. 

Automotive Engineer
These professionals in the field of automotive engineering focus on the integration of electronic, computer, mechanical and even safety engineering in the design and manufacture of all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks to bikes. 

Control and Instrumentation Engineer
 As a control and instrumentation engineer, the bulk of the work revolves around the measurement and control of the different processes in production or manufacturing and the application of control theory to the design systems to get pre-determined results. 

Nuclear Engineer
In a world facing different challenges in the provision and generation of energy, nuclear energy has once again become a very attractive option. Nuclear engineering is behind the application of the principles and theories of nuclear physics to generate results that have good applications in real life. 

Maintenance Engineer
Without proper maintenance of equipment and appropriate use of resources, the equipment cannot function to yield standard results, and it is in a bid to stem such undesirable outcomes that maintenance engineers have become more prized than ever. 

Material Engineer 
Every single aspect of engineering involves the use of all types of materials like metals, plastics, ceramics, nanomaterials and even new materials that are composites of existing ones. Material engineers can apply their advanced knowledge of the nature, properties, and structure of these materials during the design and manufacture of products and systems. 

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