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What jobs can you get with a biotechnology degree?


Madhu Mannen

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Are you pursuing your studies in Biotechnology or willing to continue it? Then you should be informed that you are on the right track of your career as there is not a specific career option for you in the future. You are going to enter in such a career world where you may get a chance to choose your respective choice of career from some options. Here is a list of such career options which may help you to determine your path after completing your studies in Biotechnology.

1. Environmental Engineer

Today there is a high demand for environmental engineers due to the contaminated pollution led to severe harmful situation towards the environment. Students of biotechnology are eligible candidates to become an environmental engineer and work in various institutes to observe and solve the issues of the environment. 

2. Clinical Research Associate

This is a great career opportunity for the students of biotechnology. Here, the person is to deal with the research and methodologies for the decision making systems of the Medical and the Clinical Laboratory. The Bureau of Labor Statistics highly accredits the biotechnology pass outs to sit for the entrance.

3. Biomedical Engineer

Being a biotechnology student, you should be efficient in dealing with the knowledge of biology and engineering. If you somehow take up a portion of your studies in medical, you are eligible to become a biomedical engineer who is responsible for implementing new tools and devices for developing the lives of the patients in a better way. They are also efficient in doing researches regarding the implementation, issues, and ideas.

4. Biochemist, Bioinformatician, And Biophysicist

For the students who take up the combination of Biology and computer in their Graduation degree and acquire advanced knowledge in both the subjects are highly eligible to choose a career option in one of the three almost similar fields of Biochemist, Bioinformation, and Biophysics. Here the professionals create biological data and necessary information.

5. Microbiologist

Though you are pursuing a study in Biotechnology, you are equally eligible to choose a career as a Microbiologist. Here you are responsible for dealing with the research study of bacteria, parasites, algae, viruses, and fungi, i.e., which are microorganisms.  They produce various substances through the help of microorganisms so that it is not contaminated.

6. Agricultural Engineer

An agricultural engineer is always involved in developing new and advanced techniques to produce various useful crops and agricultural mechanisms through the use of technology so that almost all the farmlands of the country are highly utilized. Biotechnology has a great scope in this field.

Besides, there are numerous other career options like the Animal scientist, Epidemiologist, Food Scientist and Technologist, Soil and Plant Scientist, Crime Lab Scientist, etc.

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