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What is VoIP and how does it work?


Niyati Mody

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 What is VOIP:

VOIP is the abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol which uses a process where it receives analog audio signals and then converts them in the digital data which can then be transmitted on the internet. This technology can completely change how you think about the long-distance phone call.

How it works:

As you send any data like email or messages using the internet, VOIP performs the same function by converting your audio or voice communication into data packets which are then sent to an IP network. With VOIP technology, you will not be required to possess a conventional landline phone installed in your home or office as you can make long-distance calls using your internet connection.

As VOIP runs through an IP network, so all the data which you communicate is stored in the cloud. You can access all the settings with a VOIP app or universal online dashboard. With the help of this dashboard, users can easily access all their client information, phone numbers, and contact information. Users can also set up new settings for call and add new phone numbers, and it does not matter if you are in the office or traveling.

Why is VOIP useful?

As all of you know that long-distance calls from traditional phones are pretty much expensive, and if you spend a little extra time talking to your loved ones on the phone, you may receive an enormous bill by the end of the month. But with VOIP, you will be able to make free phone calls to family and friends at long distances without worrying about the bill as your internet connection will help you to make free calls. Especially for businesses, VOIP cuts down the need for various providers and services as all the information about clients can be available and accessible from one point.

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