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What is tissue engineering?


Zara Pandya

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If you are in the biomedical field, you are already familiar with the term tissue engineering. To define it in simple terms, it is referred to as the practice of combining biologically active molecules, cells, and scaffolds into tissues. It has evolved from the branch of biomaterials development. The main purpose of tissue engineering is to join functional constructs that improve, maintain or restore tissues that are damaged. It does the same for whole organs as well. Two of the best examples of tissue engineering are cartilage and artificial skin which has also been approved by the FDA. However, the use of tissue engineering is currently, limited in humans.

Purpose of Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is known to have some important functions in the field of research and medicine which are as follows:

1.    It helps in organ or tissue repairing.

2.    It can repair different types of tissues in the human body including cartilage tissue, vascular tissue, cardiac tissue, etc.

Tissue engineering also studies the behavior of stem cells. 3D nature of tissue engineering enables tumor architecture which can be studied in a more appropriate environment.

Pros and Cons of Tissue Engineering

There are both pros and cons of tissue engineering. To understand the full concept of tissue engineering, you need to first know about its advantages and disadvantages.


1.    With the help of this technique, you can replace an inoperative structure with a new living structure.

2.    Tissues that are engineered can help a person conquer an illness or disease.

3.    This particular technique can prove to be of great use to burn victims. That’s because it helps the professionals to regenerate skin. The regenerated skin is an artificial skin, but it is completely equivalent to your original skin.

4.    This technique is also considered to help reduce problems related to traditional organ transplantation processes.

5.    It can also be used to improve the quality of our lives.


1.    Tissue engineering requires a lot of time and research to understand each tissue and organ.

2.    The current technology used is not efficient enough to detect diseases.

3.    There can be hidden illnesses and diseases in the base tissue which can defeat the whole purpose of tissue engineering.

To conclude, tissue engineering is one of the main advances made in the field of medicine. The study and progress of the same can make the unimaginable happen in the future.

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