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What is the science of spirituality?


Trishala Subash

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Spirituality is not an entity that can be seen, touched or defined. Spirituality is a state of the human body, mind, and soul that leads a person to the world of ultimate peace, maturity, and divinity. Spirituality helps a person to understand the real meaning of life.

 The science of Spirituality means some defined set of practices that helps a person to attend spiritual growth and maturity. There are specific spiritual disciplines that you need to follow every day. They are meditation, serving, fasting, prayer or worship and reading holy books. When all the practices combine to let yourself free from all the negative forces and stress of life, they are regarded as the Science of Spirituality.

 In 1979, Saint Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj founded a non-profit organization in the name of “Science of Spirituality” where a lot of people are taught how to achieve the proper way to live life. It is not like a subject like Psychology or Philosophy which is required to read or write. The science of Spirituality is some practice to follow. This is such an art of living that teach the message of peace, community, and universality.

 If you study the respiratory system of the human body, then you will know that it is through respiration the central aspect of the metabolism works into the simplest forms. So a person cannot remain alive without breathing. Likewise, spirituality is regarded as the breath of life.

 While teaching the Science of spirituality people can learn how to make life simple and full of happiness. The most stressful part of life is the expectation. People keep on expecting and start to have high ambitions. But, when he fails to achieve this, he moves to depression. The Science of Spirituality helps you to get rid of extreme expectations from life and teach you how to learn that you are much happier than many others in this world. It is a way to honor oneself and respect one’s soul. Gradually you may find how the bitter complexities of life are getting unfolded to more straightforward means.

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