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What is the role of software tester?


Wafa Khan

Good things take time

The Information Technology field has made huge and fast progress within a very short span of time, and when it comes to Information Technology, you cannot ignore the importance of Software. IT professionals need to perform a lot of tasks related to the development of the Software. One such role related to Software is SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). For the proper development of SDLC, Software testing plays a vital part, and it is the Software tester who is responsible for it. The role of the Software tester begins when the development of products are completed. 

Software testers are skilled, professional and talented persons who have multiple roles in the company. Even the rate of the success percentages in product development is also represented by the software tester. He is also a professional expert in the creation and knowledge of domains. Here lie the roles of a software tester:

i. A software tester ensures the speed and progress rate of the company’s achievement of goals. A company recruits a team of certain software testers who have the same knowledge and objectives so that they can follow one respective path and help in the achievement of the goal. 

ii. Skilled software testers can identify the eligible product with the help of their knowledge on domains and can quickly analyze how fast the company can complete its product development. 

iii. Starting from the designing of the testing scenarios to the conduction of usability testing, a software tester plays a vital role. He even analyses the ultimate results and produces an observation report to the development team.

iv. The software testers are also responsible for having an interaction with the clients and customers to have a better understanding of their requirements and develop new techniques or ways if any modifications or improvement is required. 

v. Documentation on the test products is also a part of the work of the software testers. He ensures that every detail of the testing procedures is being drafted for future references. He maintains a secure database and has good ideas for programming.

vi. A software tester is a person who is an expert on all the technical (GUI) and non-technical aspects of the company system and depicts the functional aspects of the product. 

 vii. A software tester is very cautious about the equality and standards of the products and carries out their testings as per the defined procedures.

viii. Being a software tester, he is also responsible for monitoring, leading and managing a software testing team so that all the testers can walk through a common path and have the same goal for the achievement of the company’s product development completion. He is the one who has more in-depth knowledge of both the manual as well as the automated systems of technologies. 

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