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What is the role of media in communication?


Manish Agarwal

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Media plays a significant role in communication. Media can be in various forms like broadcasting media, printed media or social media. The primary purpose of media lies in building a strong connection between the ongoing affairs of the world and the people. And when it comes to context, how can we ignore the importance of communication? Thus media and communication are strongly related to each other.  Let’s have a look at how the media plays a role in communication:

1. Media has a significant role in creating awareness among the general public, and there should be a reliable means of communication for that. If you want to communicate with the people or want to deliver certain messages among the mass of people, you need to take the help of media.

2. Nowadays, all the big brands and companies want to promote their products and services through media like televisions, social media, and brochures. The brand and marketing team needs strong content for promotion, and here content is the base of communication. 

3. As clients and customers are the prime factors for the growth of a business, you need to pursue their faith and trust by communicating to them. Even when it comes to social and political affairs, the mode of communication should be two way. Here, media plays a great role in receiving and sending messages among all the people of the world. 

4. Life would be utterly monotonous and tired without the part of the media. People come to know about some events, programs, parties, assemblies, fairs, etc. through media. Through this ways media building communication among some people in the world. 

5. Irrespective of the division of class, culture and geographical location, people come to know and admire the practices and lifestyle of various people of the world and try to travel in certain places which they could never understand. This builds communication so rich and robust and is solely developed by the role of media. 

6. Media is the fastest means of communication since ever. Now people don’t need to wait for a long time to get aware of specific news or entertainment shows. Media can make people react to various things within a short period. 

7. In the case of the developing countries, media is the base for communication. Through the media, people come to know about the problems and causes of various social issues. The power of media can make people feel from the deep of the heart and do something for them in the form of grants or gratitude.

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