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What is the role of international law in conflict resolution?


Vanita Manohar

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Before jumping to the discussion about the role of international law in conflict resolution, first of all, we need to understand that what is conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution can be regarded as a formal or informal process that is used by 2 or more than 2 parties to resolve their conflict peacefully. Conflicts may arise due to many reasons like biases, misunderstanding, breach of agreements, misuse of mutual properties and resources, etc. So when we talk about conflict resolution on an international level, we come to know about the laws that are used to resolve conflicts on international levels. These are Called International Laws. These are the treaties or laws that are signed by the countries with their mutual consent. These laws are very important. Now, look at the importance of these laws in conflict resolution.

  • Help to avoid wars:
    International laws are very important in avoiding wars among countries. These laws help to solve the conflicts at initial levels. These laws are made from the mutual consent of the countries, so they try to follow these laws with a welcoming tone.

  • Helps to promote justice:
    The role of international laws is very important in resolving the conflicts because these laws promote the sense of justice among the countries. Countries feel that these conflicts are resolved based on equity and no country is allowed to exercise its superiority on the other countries. This sense of justice keeps all the countries satisfied, and they try to resolve their conflicts with the help of international laws.

  • Help to keep peace in the world:
    International laws help to promote peace in the world too by resolving the conflicts of different countries as these laws are created by the mutual understanding of the countries, so countries try not to be offensive at any conflict. They take help from these international guidelines and promote a healthy environment on an international basis.

As we all know that this world has become a global village and this globalization has positive and negative effects too. In this liberal world, conflicts are a natural phenomenon, but it is necessary to resolve these conflicts and issues efficiently. That is why International laws are created for the mutual betterment of the countries, and they greatly help to avoid any dispute. And with the help of international laws wars can be avoided to a great extent.

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