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What is the role of human resources?

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Jyoti Shiva

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Human resources managers have a huge role in the success of a company. The human resource management is a team that works as a productive power to strategically manage the employees of a company to provide proper growth through the existing resources.  There are a large number of employees in a company that is required to be monitored from time to time. Employees may have issues regarding many things like incentives, dress codes, harassment, loss of motivation, grievances, etc. A Human Resource Manager is responsible for listening and overseeing these matters, report these to the Administrator and make a settlement so that both the employees and organization meet its goals to the level best perfection. Every employee has an equal role in the development of the organization. People act as the human asset for setting the goal and attaining. So, they are known to be a part of contemporary human resource administrator or Human capital management.

Here are some important roles of Human resources Personnel;

  1. A human resource manager is responsible for identifying the proper needs of the organization and finding out the perfect employees who can take care of the policies and hire them following the ideal strategies. Here Human resource personnel acts as a recruiter.

  2. The human resource manager negotiates on the expectations of the employee so that both the employee and the organization meet its goals. He is the chief financial caretaker of the company.

  3. Building a commitment to the company as well as motivating the employees from time to time is nearly the most significant role of a Human resource manager.

  4. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”- Thus, employees may get frustrated if there is no scope to get some entertainment in an office. Here, the Human Resource manager executes plans for arranging special days with unique dress codes or small parties so that the employees can enjoy some days.

  5. Whenever there are various issues like grievances which may hamper the well-being of a company, then the HR addresses them and put them in front of the Administrators. In other words, HR acts as a liaison between the employees and the company.

  6. The HR manager builds a training schedule for the newly recruited employees which includes the overall onboarding process, introduction as well as developing knowledge about the company in detail. Here the HR act as a trainer.

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Sheetal Kamble

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Human resources team are responsible for employee recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing employees. as well as Human resource management team handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training of employee. Human resources managers plays an important role in delivering productive and competitive advantages to organization.

  All these activities can be performed by hr software solutions to avoid human errors and enhance productivity.

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