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What is the role of electronics in agriculture?

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Vaishali P

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Electronics has been evolving continually and is found to have an impact on our society and plays a significant role in many commercial and industrial products. From automobiles to household appliances and toys, there are displays, microprocessors, data storage systems, sensors, etc. in all of them. The electrical components are used for different purposes from processing data and making decisions. They are becoming considerably cheaper, smaller and more accessible, making it an integral part of every product.

Electronics in agriculture

Thanks to the evolving technology, there have been many new electronic types of equipment and components in the market, making way for smarter living. Among the many industries which have benefited from evolved electronics, agriculture is definitely on the top. Let us take a look at a few ways electronics has a positive influence on improving agriculture.

  • Use as sensors: There are different kinds of sensors used both on-air and land to provide information and help them to make decisions. To give an example, the multispectral sensor deployed on a drone can provide the farmer information on how better to water the crops for better produce. Sensors can even help us to understand the crops that need more nitrogen allowing farmers to use fertilizers appropriately. Water-based sensors will give accurate information on the rate and time when the plants need irrigation reducing water wastage and improving the result of farming.
  • Machines on farms: It is now possible to cultivate nearly 2 acres of land with little to no effort using the latest equipment and harvest technology. With planters and harvesters, the process has been made far simpler. You can now grow a vast number of food items in considerably lesser time and effort.
  • Plant irrigation: Thanks to the evolving electronics sector, farmers can now use equipment like advanced water pumps and grow crops like rice, even in the middle of a desert. An excellent example would be the Egyptian farmers, who use the water from River Nile to grow rice. There are also water sprinklers which help in keeping the farm irrigated for better produce.
  • Fresher produce: There is no cause for worry about perishable items anymore as the cooling facilities and machines now make it easy to keep the products fresh while transporting to the markets.

The modern equipment can help serve agriculture like every other industry like assisting in collecting information. What makes them more viable is the fact that they are easy to use and are inexpensive too.

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Juhi Kumar

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Gone are the days when farmers had to struggle day and night to increase the yield of their land. Before the introduction of electronics in agriculture, farming was a tough job. Producing crops and maintaining the right yield took a lot of effort. However, from the time, electronic devices have been introduced in the field of agriculture, it has become easier for the farmers to harvest their land.

The use of electronics in agriculture started almost 5 years back. Although it had a slow start in the beginning, most of the countries today are seen to make good use of electronics in agriculture.

The main role of electronics in agriculture:

Electronics in agriculture can be considered to a total game changer. It has made farming a lot easier for farmers. It can be said that electronics have a significant role to play in the agricultural field.

Electronics agriculture is also known as E-agriculture. It is a newly emerging field which is aimed to improve the rural conditions by providing proper communication and information processes. The main role of electronics can be summed into the following pointers.

  1. It is meant to reduce the efforts of the farmers. With the aid of technology, they don’t have to struggle much.
  2. The use of technology can also help reduce production time. 
  3. Some devices are developed for water plants. This means that the farmers don’t have to do it manually anymore.
  4. With the use of certain electronic devices, you can even improve the fertility of the soil.
  5. It also helps in reducing the impact on the ecosystem.

Thus, you can see how important electronics are in the field of agriculture. As technology will improve, it will make things even easier for farmers.


jayant kanugovi

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Agriculture is an important occupation and is backbone for any economy. If it can be made efficient just imagine  the hunger problem can be dealt with  easily. Electronics helps in taking out the human intervention part from the equation. It can help in the following ways :

1. Drones can be used to monitor the yield and progress in the growth of the crop. It can be helpful when the climatic conditions are harsh and farmers can operate it from within their houses. It also gives them security feed when they are not in the farm 

2. Electronic sensors can be used to measure parameters like temperature, humidity and soil quality. The sensors can be used to detect rodents and birds that can cause crop damage. 

3. Automated Tractors and other vehicles can be used to avoid human intervention during harsh climates or some other extreme situations.

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