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What is the purpose of using genetic engineering to create edible vaccines?

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Jahnavi Radheshyam

Every moment matters

The field of genetic engineering is not much old in developing countries, yet it has proved to be useful and beneficial in the field of medical science and health. One of such essential field where genetic engineering has shown its excellence is the creation of edible vaccines. Edible vaccines are bio-friendly and storable vaccines which are necessary for the precaution and curation of harmful diseases like Hepatitis, Diarrhea, Chicken Pox, Small Pox, etc. These vaccines are easily administrable and very much cost effective. If you look at the recent data survey, you can find that almost all the developing countries got rid of certain life dangerous diseases at a higher rate than the previous times. Even there are many diseases which have almost become extinct. Genetics engineering has thus become one of the essential parts of the life of human beings as it has a massive impact on the creation of certain edible vaccines. 

 The creation of edible vaccines needs a lot of procedures. Even they are required to be handled very carefully. Edible vaccines are responsible for reducing the unnecessary sterility of the needles. Through these, the vaccines can treat against the spread of the diseases. While producing the edible vaccines, the gene of a particular plant is being incorporated and encoded with the desired protein. Even certain foods like wheat, fruits, corns, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. are also used as alternative agents to produce edible vaccines. Genetic engineering helps in learning the skills and techniques to create such genes or agents from the source and use it for the production of edible vaccines. 

The purpose of genetic engineering is not only confined to the production of the edible vaccines but also with the delivery and distribution. Due to the shortage of vaccines, many remote villages and backward areas are not able to get the vaccines on time and suffer from diseases. Genetics engineering help in the incorporation of processes where these vaccines are stored and preserved at the required temperature and the most straightforward procedure so that people can easily reach out to these while the time of danger.  

 Whenever there were the necessities for DNA vaccines previously, they used to be highly expensive as the process for creating these vaccines used to be very difficult and costly. Genetics engineering used the method of producing genes and immunizing agents from natural substances like plants and vegetables (transgenetic) which are highly cost-effective. For this reason, people can also afford with these DNA vaccines easily.  

Edible vaccines consist of antigenic proteins and free from pathogenic genes. For this, they can quickly be consumed orally as well as injected. Here also genetics engineering proves its benefit.


Cheryl Susan

Life is all about perspective

Genetic engineering, is also known as a genetic modification as well as genetic manipulation, is one of the important branches of engineering which is involved in direct manipulation of an organism's gene with the application of biotechnology. It can be defined as one particular set of technologies which is applied for changing the genetic formation of cells, and that includes transferring of genes within as well as across different species for the production of new improved organisms. 

Edible vaccines can be defined as combined production of transgenic plant and animal which contain agents which help in triggering the immune response of animals. Genetic engineering is playing a very important role in the creation of edible vaccines.

Edible vaccines can be described as bio-friendly as well as storable vaccines. Application and need of this type of vaccination are there for the precaution as well as the duration of different types of harmful diseases which includes Diarrhea, Hepatitis, Small Pox, Chicken Pox, and many more are there on the list. Such types of vaccines can be administered easily and are also highly cost-effective. Vaccines have proved to create near to miracles in its fight against certain types of infectious disease. It consigned smallpox completely and made it history.  In the very near time, it will do the same in case of polio too. 

There are certain facts which made edible vaccines so popular in the industry. Edible vaccines are basically cost effective in nature and availability. The cost of storage, production, preparation, and transportation of these edible vaccines is also low. Vaccines which are produced applying the methods of genetic engineering or biotechnology always remain stable when kept at room temperature, when compared to the traditional vaccine, that needs the support of cold chain storage, that multiplies the annual cost of preserving the vaccines.

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