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What is the purpose of the criminal justice system?


Nupoor Mahadev

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Laws are essential for the proper functioning of a country and to solve any disputes in an organized manner. There are different types and categories of the justice system, which are a part of our constitution. One such category is the Criminal Justice System.

What is Criminal Law?

Criminal Law is a collection of several rules and principles which takes necessary steps for apprehending, identifying, prosecuting, sentencing and punishing those who are convicted/suspected of any criminal activity. In simple terms, it is a law for the regulation of the criminals. Criminal law not only focuses on punishing the criminals but also provides rehabilitation to the criminals, providing moral support to the victims and also takes necessary steps for the prevention of further crimes. 

The Criminal Justice System comprises of three main components, which are:

  • Law Enforcing Component
    Includes Police, or any such law enforcing sectors, who are responsible for safeguarding the laws. The police act as the primary contact with the criminals and are responsible for accepting statements, gathering information, arresting the convicted, and then performing initial interrogation and supplying testimony in the court. 

  • Courts
    Includes Courts, prosecution and defense lawyers for performing the trial against the convicted. After initial interrogation by the police, the accused is interrogated formally by prosecutors, supported by the defense lawyers and the entire case is presided over by a judge.  All the charges against the offender are validated, and if found guilty, then sentencing is done where the offender receives a penalty for his/her crimes.

  • Correction Centres
    Criminal detaining centers like probation centers, prisons falls under this category. The prisoners are detained in these centers and are taught various academic disciplines, to prevent them from committing any crime in the future.

Let us now discuss the five main objectives of the Criminal Justice System;

  1. Safeguarding the citizens from danger
    Criminal Justice System ensures the protection of the citizens from all sorts of dangers chalked out by the criminals.

  2. Enforcement of the parliamentary laws
    Just like any other law system, Criminal Law System also takes necessary steps for enforcing and protection of the law developed by the parliament.

  3. Retribution
    Apart from the penalty faced by the criminals, they can also be ordered to pay compensation to the victims for their losses.

  4. Prevention
    Criminal Justice System takes the necessary steps to prevent criminals from recommitting crimes.

  5. Rehabilitation
    Criminal Justice System also takes the necessary measures to transform an offender into a valuable component of society.

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