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What is the purpose of civil law?


Vanita Manohar

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We all are aware of our constitution and different types of Laws, Civil Law is one of them. Before jumping into its purpose, let's discuss what does Civil Law exactly means,

This law is designed for protecting private rights of the public and works for the ordinary matters and disputes that arise between people.

Civil law is responsible for handling common private disputes of people which include family issues, property disputes and “Breach of contract”, that means it disobeys of the agreement.

The purpose of Civil Law is already mentioned in its meaning above.

It mainly works on four categories of Laws – Contract Law, Tort Law, Family Law, and Property law

1.    In the Contract Law, its purpose is to handle the issue regarding the violation of the agreement.

2.    In Tort Law, it takes care of the injury of an individual or any particular property. It ensures to compensate the victim or the injured person.

3.    In Property Law, it manages the violation and illegal ownership of personal and real properties and ensures justice to the victim.

4.    In Family Law, it deals with family issues like divorce, child custody, child adoption, and many other matters. The main function of this legal body is to properly manage and dividing up property, finances or child support.

Let’s elaborate on it in detail.

The main focus of this law is to resolve the case by providing compensation rewards to the victim instead of giving a serious punishment to the culprit.

•    The main purpose of Civil Law is to solve all the issues and disagreements amongst people whether it is in between family or between individuals.

•    It provides a guideline to the citizens.

•    Controls all the wrongdoings in society.

•    Its objective is to tackle the disputes in a fair and peaceful manner with its effective methods.

•    Its purpose is to protect individuals from any harm whether it is of property, any injury, or family matters of divorce, child custody, etc.

In short, it’s purpose include a dispute-free environment and to control all the wrongdoings in society.

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