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What is the purpose of a resume?


Aastha Roy

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Getting a job is the ultimate priority of life and for this one needs a good resume of ours. We all know that a resume is important, but we do not know about the actual purposes that it serves. Following are some of the goals that a resume helps while you go for an interview.

Defines your personality

Whenever you go anywhere for an interview, you need to submit your resume to the interviewer. Sometimes a company asks for the submission of the resume one day before the interview. The reason behind this submission is that your resume gives your identification to the company or the interviewer; it tells your personality. As it contains all the necessary information related to you, it determines what kind of a person you are. 

Tells about your skills and experience

As mentioned earlier, the resumes you take with yourself tell important things about you. Skills and experience that a person has earned in life are essential if you have applied for a job. One must include it in their resume. This will help you in impressing your interviewer, who can also become your boss in the future.

Depicts your academic background

A resume also tells the interviewer about your academic background. It contains all your percentages and CGPAs in it. These are enough to define what educational experience you had in your school and college. It is an integral part of your resume as it helps in deciding the interviewer, whether the candidate is appropriate for the job or not.

Tells about your communication skills

Your resume also tells the interviewer how your communication skills are. The way you write various things there decides this ability of yours.

Other purposes of a resume

So, apart from the purposes mentioned above, a resume can be used for knowing the number of internships you have done, previous job roles and so on. This is also important to understand as these days it is counted as one of the added skills. Various certifications that a person own should also be mentioned in the resume as it is also one of the important aspects of getting a good job. Along with that one can know your contact number through your resume. 

So, these were the few functions that a resume performs. With these points, it is clear that how a good resume is vital for getting a good job.

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