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What is the procedure for re-registration of the vehicle in Delhi after 15 years?


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India is a highly populated country with more than 100 million people living densely. Total vehicles registered in India as per vehicle registration statistics of 2016 are more than 10 million. Some people pursue holding onto a particular vehicle for a very long time while another group of people keeps on changing vehicles for various reasons. As per the Central Motor Vehicles Act, if you own a vehicle for more than 15 years, you need to re-register that vehicle under the authorized to make sure that your vehicle is reliable and use roadworthy. If you are planning to use the vehicle in another state for more than one year, then also the vehicle must be registered again. You can re-register during a 5-year gap to ensure the safety of the vehicle.

The procedure for re-registering the vehicle is the same as that of registering a new vehicle. The inspectors of the vehicle authorities will conduct a thorough inspection to confirm the safety of the vehicle. The inspection and verification of the vehicle registration renewal are held at the same Registration Authority as of the original registration. 

Certain documents need to submit while applying for vehicle registration renewal, including 1-2 additional documents in addition to initial registration.

  • Duly filled Form 25 application

  • Tax documents proving the payment of road and vehicle tax at the proper time

  • Payment details to confirm that you have paid for the re-registration process

  • Original registration certificate

  • Document verifying the insurance and pollution control

Prepare an affidavit notarized, mentioning that all the details and documents submitted are genuine up to your knowledge. The approval certificate from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) confirming that the vehicle is not stolen or under any criminal records must be submitted along with the documents. 

Once all the document and application form is submitted at the vehicle department, the authority will go through specific procedures including physical inspection of the vehicle, document verification, etc. to finally approve for the re-registration of vehicle.

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