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What is the next generation of marketing automation?


Nilima Maheshwar

Lost in reality

The 21st century witnessed some of the fascinating innovations that revolutionized our way of thinking and our way of living. One such sphere where we are making tremendous progress is in the field of marketing. We have shifted from the manual way of working into a more sophisticated way of working with the help of various machines and tools.

Now, before discussing the various automation in marketing, let us first define the term marketing.

What is marketing?

In simple terms, marketing is a collection of different processes aimed at selling products and services. Marketing is comprised of the following subcategories of activities;

  • Planning

  • Pricing

  • Promotion

  • Packaging

  • Advertising

  • Selling

With the advent of advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, the automated way of living started flourishing, and we started implementing these technologies in the marketing sector as well.

Let us now discuss the latest advancements in marketing automation.

  • Use of the best fit accounts
    Using the best-fit accounts for generating brand awareness and to attract a larger mass of audience and converting them into potential clients is essential. Account Based Marketing (ABM) grows in popularity, and the tools associated with it also grows.
    Terminus is a popular choice for analyzing the best possible accounts for maximum customer satisfaction. It helps a company in attracting an audience or even other companies, irrespective of whether you have their contact in your system or not. Terminus helps in creating personalized ads, which will help in creating awareness and in turn drawing more audience.

  • Real-Time Analysis
    We are living in a fast world, and you need to keep up your pace for surviving. For the same, you need to implement the use of technologies like CRM, SaaS, automatic e-mail marketing.

    A lot of audiences will be interacting with your website for various products and services. You need to reply to their needs within minutes; otherwise, you might lose your potential clients. For integrating CRM in your system is essential. Using CRM, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience and help them with their choices and in turn generate leads for the company.

    Your sales team might get busy, implementing automatic e-mail response system is important to ensure that the customer stays in touch.  The use of chatbots has also helped in timely response to the audience and increase leads generation.

  • Use of social media
    Social Media is an efficient way of approaching to the mass and analyzing their demands and requirements using surveys. Platforms like SocialDrift helps in automating your social media publishing, targeting the right type of audience automatically.

  • Use of Behaviour-Based Workflows
    Use of behavior-based workflows helps a company in increasing the overall sales by targeting the audience based on their recent purchases. Analyzing the market pattern for the customer’s demands is one of the best ways of increasing sales and boosting the overall revenue.

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