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What is the meaning of ECR in a passport?


Minal Waqif

I got this

ECR is the abbreviation for Emigration Cheque Required. It is a general notation used in passports to categories a group of people from another group. There are two kinds of passports issued in India for employment and education certification.

ECR is the category of people who haven’t passed the 10th or matriculation. If you want to travel to other countries for the purpose of employment, ECR plays a vital role. If you are not a person with ECR attestation, then the traveler has to take special supporting documents like permit, work visa, company confirmation, etc to travel.


If your passport comes below the ECR category, your passport will be clearly verified with either a mark/ notation or complete text “EMIGRATION CHECK REQUIRED”. If your passport was issued before 2007, the ECR would be denoted with a stamp in the passport. For the new passports, the ECR is printed on the address page of the passport.

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