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What is the main reason why entrepreneurs experience daily stress?

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Chand Shere

Trust yourself

Entrepreneurship is an uphill task. This is so because an entrepreneur has to take so many decisions regarding different things. He/she is the one who needs to control everything about the business. An entrepreneur has to work hard for the success of the business and on the top of the list, he/she has to make an appropriate investment of his savings in the business to give it a good start. So it is not easy to manage all the things, and many reasons can stress out an entrepreneur. Some of them are as follows,

  • Access to capital:
    Capital is necessary for every business. An entrepreneur has to arrange the capital, and he also needs cash flow to keep the things going. So having enough capital that could lead the things smoothly is the leading cause of stress for the entrepreneurs.

  • Uncertainty:
    Uncertainty is always stressful. Although ups and downs are part of a business, when things get changed drastically, entrepreneurs feel stressed. No one can predict the future accurately, so it becomes hard to accept the change in business instantly.

  • Hectic work:
    When an entrepreneur starts a business, he has to pay full attention to his business. Sometimes he needs to work day and night, and he works more than his employees. So this hectic routine may cause stress to entrepreneurs.

  • Competition:
    In the business world, competition is generally high, and entrepreneurs always try to do best as compare to its competitors. So this constant thinking of proving yourself best is the major cause of stress for entrepreneurs.

  • Unrealistic goals:
    Sometimes, entrepreneurs set unrealistic goals for their business, and they get mad behind these types of goals, and that is an unhealthy attitude. This attitude is another reason for stress in entrepreneurs.


Jack Rabin

Keep it real

While being a challenging and passionate venture, entrepreneurship can be quite stressful too. There are decisions to be made, people to be guided and research analysis to be done. The fate of your business depends on your decisions, and that is enough to raise your stress levels like none other.  Many reasons are attributing to the stress levels in entrepreneurs. Working on to relieve stress and anxiety has become a routine for them. However, here we will take a look at some of the causes of stress in entrepreneurs.

Cause for stress in Entrepreneurs

  • Capital – lower or limited access

Every business has capital, and if you do not have enough capital, you will have a limited cash flow. Limited cash flow means that you may not be able to pay the bills or your employees. Also, some businesses end up underestimating their cash and capital requirement which later strangles them in sustaining daily operations. If there are bills to be paid and employee salaries to be credited, it automatically adds up on to the mental stress.

  • Keeping promises

When you are an entrepreneur, you are the face of your brand and every promise or every word you speak is taken seriously. When you break a promise, even unintentionally, it can have a huge impact on your brand image. Whether you commit to a deadline or you are committing to an outcome, you have to stand by your word. And when you over commit, and you are on the verge of breaking your promise, you would feel yourself under a lot of stress.

  • Unclear roles and responsibilities

There are many decisions that an entrepreneur has to make on a daily basis. And yet the role of an entrepreneur is limited to certain responsibilities, and other requirements are taken care of by employees in the organization. If there are no clear demarcations of the responsibilities, the entrepreneur might find him/her deep in a lot of handholding in every step. This can cause quite a lot of stress and add to the anxiety of an entrepreneur.

  • Managing expectations

This is not about managing the expectations of others, but it is about managing your expectations from yourself. When you start on a business, you have defined yourself certain objectives. Sometimes things may not work in our favor, and we may not be able to live up to our definition of success. This is when many entrepreneurs fall into the vicious circle of guilt and blame on themselves, which adds on to the anxiety factors.

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