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What is the importance of the legal system?


Pallavini R

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Legal systems are created for the betterment of society. These are the guidelines that work as a code of conduct for the citizens. People are equally bound to act upon these legal systems or laws, and if anyone tries to break these laws, he may suffer the consequence. It is hard to imagine a society without some legal system because if there will be no law, then there will be great chaos. Nobody will be able to get justice. And there will be conflicts between the communities and different groups. So there is always the need for a legal system that can protect the rights of the people.

Let’s have a detailed look at the importance of the Legal System.

  • Protects us from evil:
    It is said that law protects us from evil and this is so true. When laws are implemented in a society, it means that nobody has an exception of breaking these laws. And if someone will break them, then he/she will have some punishment. So in this way, the legal system defends us from the evilness of others. People live in their boundaries and avoid causing harm to others.
  • It helps citizens to be loyal:
    When the citizens are happy with the laws, and they feel that these laws are good enough to protect their rights, they remain loyal to their country. If a society does not have laws and people have to suffer the oppression of mighty people, they will not be satisfied at all. They will think that why they should be loyal to their country if the country is not protecting their rights. In this way, laws help citizens to be loyal to their country.
  • Develops a sense of equality:
    Legal system plays a pivotal role in developing a sense of equality among different groups, communities, and people. Social laws create an understanding in the mind of people that there will be no injustice based on superiority. Every person will have to face the consequences in case he/she does something wrong. So this sense of equality keeps people in their limits, and they live on the right track.
  • Helps in resolving the issues of society:
    There is a great connection between the legal system and society. A society will be progressing and healthy when its legal system will be helping and full filling the actual needs of society. A society where laws are not properly implemented, it becomes a wild society where every person tries to overcome the shares of others. Crimes get common. So these systems help in resolving so many issues of society.

In short, legal systems are the forced guidelines that are followed by the people of a state. These systems are made for the betterment of society so they must be followed with an open heart.

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