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What is the importance of mental health awareness?


Daryl Christ

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Awareness is one of the major keys which help us in understanding the topic what mental health is and how any family can get help when they are in need of it. Public knowledge is vital towards accessing community resources. If you lack in staying aware of mental health then not only you but the whole society will get affected somehow or other.   In short, we can say it’s just not “their” problem, but it is a problem as a whole for the community.

As per a survey, mental illnesses are affecting near to 19% of the total global adult population and around 46% of teenagers in addition to 13% of children every year. You may come across many People who are struggling because of their mental health. They can be from your own family, next door neighbor, your household help, your office colleague or someone who everyday travel with you in the same public transport. 

Health is vital for the overall development of the whole country.  World Health Organization (WHO ) defined the meaning of mental health as a  typical state of mental, physical, social as well as spiritual well-being and not just having an absence of any disease or any infirmity.  It has a strong impact on:

  • Educational performance
  • Work productivity
  • The ability to establish positive personal relationships
  • Percentage of crime rate in the city
  • Abuse of alcohol & drug

Mental health awareness is very important and there are some valid reasons for the same;

•    People suffering from mental illness always feel alone as well as stereotyped. They try to keep it a secret which further escalates the suffering, and makes them feel uncomfortable as well as embarrassed to ask for treatment. Mental awareness programs will help to create a secure place to ask for support without any hesitation.

•    A huge population of people is affected in life due to mental illness.  Mental awareness will help in reducing the number of such people and help them to lead a normal life.

•    Awareness will educate people about how to support such people who are facing mental illness. An educated community can work together to reduce the number of cases of mental illness.

•    Make people mentally strong to approach concerned people for treatment or for help with their state of mental health.

The above are only a few of the many reasons for which one should attend mental health awareness programs.

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