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What is the importance of love in marriage?


Monin Rai

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Love is something that cannot be explained by mere words but requires all your emotions, care, sympathy, respect, and admiration.

Marriage is a sacred ceremony wherein two souls get bonded forever. Without love that bonding is incomplete. Love is that medium which connects both the souls and unites them for a lifetime. 

Successful marriages are rare these days as love remains missing in those type of marriages. Love is like the solid foundation to a marriage which shapes the future life of the two partners.

Below are the points which emphasize the importance of love in marriage:

  • Love is essential in case of quarrels. Love won’t help you to solve the problem, but it would provide you with the patience required to resolve such quarrels.
  • Love won’t prevent you from saying things that might hurt your partner, but when there’s the love, you’ll apologize for your mistake soon.
  • Similarly, love won’t protect you from getting hurt, but when there is love, you’ll have a sense of forgiveness.

These days the number of divorces is increasing tremendously because of the absence of true love between the couples. The success of long-term relationships is love and gratitude towards one another. Love is the commitment you make to your partner and hold to that commitment in both ups and downs of life. Love provides you the medium to open up entirely to your partner and reveal the utmost secrets of your life.

Love is the highest form of respect and care you can express.  Marriage is more than just spending lives together until we die. Marriage is living life to the fullest with your partner and staying by him/her no matter what the situation is.

Love is essential in life just as salt is essential in food. Its presence might not always be felt, but its absence is always felt.

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