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What is the importance of legal research and writing?


Payal Waqif

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For the proper functioning of a country and to solve any disputes in an organized manner, laws are essential. Without proper law and order, we cannot think of values like equality, equity, liberty, unity, and freedom.

What is Legal Research?

Legal research is the activity aimed at analyzing and collection of information for solidifying the base of a legal document, notice, contract, etc. For proper legal research, the following steps are followed:

  • Proper Analysis of the given situation/case. 

  • Analyzing the facts associated with the given situation/case.

  • Validation of the collected facts/information.

  • Application of the results calculated during similar situations in the future.

Legal Research is of three types;

  1. Primary Source: Includes the prime guardians of law like the constitution, courts, lawyers, etc.
  2. Persuasive Primary Source: Includes all the primary sources of law which are not binding to the courts.
  3. Secondary Source: Includes all legal books, documents, surveys, legal opinions, etc.

What is Legal Writing?

Legal Writing is a form of technical writing, carried by those in the legal sector like lawyers, judges, and is aimed at solving a client’s disputes. Legal Writing is an essential ingredient for law institutions. High precision and accuracy are required for Legal Writing, and all the points mentioned in legal writing has to be backed up by strong supportive points.

Let us now discuss the importance of Legal Research and Writing.

  • Legal Research and Writing is essential for the proper analysis of the new statutes introduced in the legal field and breaking the existing laws and statutes into simpler components for better understanding.

  • To collect proper supportive facts/information for solving a particular dispute.

  • Legal Research and Writing is essential for the legal institutions as it helps in imparting the knowledge of different laws, in a simpler and more attractive way.

  • Legal Research and Writing is an essential tool for solving disputes between different courts when the two different courts declare different judgments on a single case.

  • Legal Research and writing help in strengthening the foundation of the already declared rules and statutes through proper analysis.

  • Legal Research and Writing acts as a bridge connecting particular elements of a case with the existing statutes and doctrines, to provide the perfect legal judgment for a given case.

To understand the true logic and use of a particular statute, proper legal research and writing are essential. Just like in our daily studies practice makes perfect, legal research and writing help in strengthening the problem analyzing and solving skills of a lawyer (or any other fellow of law).

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