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What is the importance of cultural studies?

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Aaron S Lopez

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Cultural Studies deals with research and teaching to investigate and understand the culture in all its complex and the way it transforms the individual experience, daily life, as well as social relations and power.

Let us now discuss the importance of Cultural Studies in details:

  • Cultural Studies analyzes the contemporary culture to derive its inner social meaning. This will allow an individual to enhance and celebrate cultural experiences by proper analysis of that specific culture.

  • Cultural Studies helps in the development of the cultural identity of an individual. This supports a child to value their tradition which binds them together and further; it educates the child about the diverse culture around the globe which helps them to evaluate any different tradition as well, thus ultimately paving a way towards a sense of unity and brotherhood among them.

  • Cultural Studies helps an individual to track their cultural roots. This will assist in the preservation of their culture.

  • Raymond William’s Theory: “The making of a mind is, first, the slow learning of shapes, purposes, and meanings, so that work, observation, and communication are possible.

  • Then, second, but equal in importance, is the testing of these experience, the making of new observations, comparisons, and meanings.   

A culture has two meanings, the known meanings, and directions, which its members are trained to comprehend and the new definitions and observations, which are offered and tested”.

  • When an individual has proper knowledge about the diverse culture, he/she will be able to work with a large group of people. This will help in building healthy communities which will be powerful enough to attain significant change.

  • The society is comprised of different cultural groups, each with their unique strengths and perspective. Cultural Studies helps in a better understanding of all those diverse strengths and aspects, which will ultimately benefit society in many ways.

  • Social studies help in educating people about the diverse culture in depth, and this will help to overcome and prevent radical and ethnic divisions of any kind.

  • For the programs or policies to be effective, people from every culture has to be included in decision making. Social Studies paves the way for a better sense of unity and brotherhood among the people from the diverse culture.


Poonam Choudhry

Exist on your own terms

Cultural studies can be defined as an innovative and interdisciplinary field for doing research and teaching how to investigate the phase of development of “culture” and then transform the same for personal experiences, social relations, everyday life, and power. In other words, we can say that it’s a special set of transactions, mutations, processes, practices, institutions, and technologies used to produce things and events that can be experienced. The question that may come to your mind at this moment is how important cultural studies are?

The stream of cultural studies targets to enhance as well as celebrate experiences of different cultures. It is an important subject because it educates how we can enjoy the culture and analyze the same and social meaning. It is important because it supports us in understanding ourselves as well as those who are surrounding us.  It helps in exploring the wide variety of institutions, concepts, media, and formations, for example, television, cultural heritage, and multiculturalism. 

Cultural studies are important as it supports establishing an understanding of what happened to a particular culture. Culture is very similar to lifeblood for us all. It is a must for us to be ready to walk, putting shoes of such people who seem different.  Cultural studies educate us that we should never forget our past and must learn from there and make the required changes to make our lives better. This way, we all will be able to live without violence and behave well as there is so much to do in life. Culture is one of the most beautiful elements of human life, and we all need to have at least some amount of it present in our blood.

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