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What is the importance of career guidance?


Swati Jobin

Wake up with a purpose

At the end of class 10, the most critical question that disturbs the minds of the countless teenagers is about which field to pursue to make a career in it.

Decisions related to one’s career are the most vital of all decisions, as they act as the foundations upon which the child’s future will rest.

Not every student have the same type of qualities or brain development. Career counseling focuses on this uniqueness of every student and helps in identifying the real potential of a child and then offer necessary guidance to the child to help them attain that goal.

A lot of time it happens that the students choose their stream incorrectly and later regret the same. And a lot of time it happens that students leave schooling in between and transform into “NEETs” which stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training. Career Counseling prevents students from turning into NEETs. When it comes to career, there’s no room for mistake or regression. Career counseling with its various psychometric tests properly analyze the strengths and interests of the students and help them in choosing their stream wisely which will in-turn determine their career opportunities.

Now, what benefits will a student gain through career counseling?

The benefits of career counseling are as follows:

  • Career counseling highlights the strengths and weaknesses of a child.

  • It helps in identifying the interests of a child.

  • Career counseling helps a child to select the stream which is most beneficial for them.

  • It educates a child about all the different careers available as per their selected stream.

  • Career Counseling acts as a stage where the students voice their opinions, without any hesitation.

Now there are some common myths associated with career counseling, which are discussed below:

  1. Career counseling gives instant results: Not at all. Career Counseling highlights the steps which help in children's successful career, which requires time and patience.

  2. Career counseling is based on hit and trial method: Wrong. Career counseling uses various scientific methods of analysis to give properly calculated results.

  3. Career Counseling is the promotion of a particular academy/company: A complete myth. All the career counselors have experienced faculty members who give unbiased suggestions.

  4. Career counseling focuses on a particular stream: Career counseling focuses on the student’s strengths and gives valuable suggestions based on that.

Career Counseling helps the students to showcase their abilities and help them to pursue their passion. As rightfully described by Confucius "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

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