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What is the format of affidavit for change of name of minor child?


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When a child is born, parents go through lots of confusion to choose the right name. Most of the parents are content with the name they have chosen for their child, while some of them intent to change that name. This urge is considerable concerning the parents. If the child passes 18 years old, he/she has the right to change the name by themselves proceeding with legal matters.

But if the child is a minor(below 18 years), only the parents can request for name change under the law. People seek a name change because of several reasons. This might include astrological concerns, the divorce of parents, change in the surname, religion change, gender change, etc. The primary step while requesting a name change is to create an affidavit.

Affidavit for Minor Name change

The initial step in changing the name of a minor in India is to make an affidavit in a local notary closer to you requesting the name change. The affidavit must includes 

  • the old name

  • new name recommended

  • the reason for the name change

  • details of the parent applying like the Name, Address, and Age-proof.

  • Signature of deponent

  • details of minor like Name, Date, and place of birth.

Steps to be followed while making an affidavit

  • Make sure all the details mentioned above are included in the affidavit.

  • Must be notarized over stamp paper from an authorized notary.

  • Make sure the applicant(parents) has signed the affidavit.

Publish in Newspaper

Once the affidavit is submitted along with the necessary document, you have to publish the name in a local newspaper and an English paper. Be cautious not to make any mistakes in the details that are submitted for newspaper publishing.

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