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What is the difference between UX & UI designer and a web designer?


Carol W. Echols

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Few of the most commonly used terms in web development are UI, UX, and Web designer. As a web developer, it is essential to know the exact differences between them. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the differences between UI & UX designers and Web Designers, but before that, let us understand the terms separately.

  • UI Designer

    Stands for User Interface Design, it is a branch of engineering focusing on the development of user interface for various devices like computers, smart home appliances, smartphones, etc. and focuses on different ways to improve usability and user experience.

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  • UX Designer

    Stands for User Experience Design, and focuses on ways to enhance the user experience and satisfaction, by improving the usability, accessibility, desirability, of the concerned product.

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  • Web Designer

    Web Designing involves a combination of different computer skills like graphic designing, interface designing, efficient coding, authoring, etc.,  aimed at the development and maintenance of websites.

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UI DesignerUX DesignerWeb Designer
  • Focuses on the outlook of a product, which includes its presentation layout, user interactivity.
  • Aims at improving customer satisfaction/loyalty by enhancing the usability, and the interaction between the user and the product.
  • It is a type of graphic designing focusing on areas like creative concepts, color management, icon development, etc.
  • Focuses mainly on front-end development.
  • Focus on the user experience by combining their knowledge in research as well as designing. They focus on developing the framework.
  • They focus on the overall development of a website based on the client's requirements.
  • Features visually interactive elements for guiding a user across a given product.
  • Involves the research, testing, development, content, prototyping, for ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Involves the use of different languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA, etc as well as basic skills in Information Architecture.
  • Payscale around $58,832 annually (Rs 405,211 annually).
  • Payscale around $72,000 annually (Rs 609,379 annually).
  • Payscale around $48,495 annually (Rs 229,873 annually).

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