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Most people are still confused when it comes to spotting theology and religious studies. When you are comparing the scope of each type of subject, then you can understand the difference which is very wide. So we can see that if a person is educating themselves with theology and the other person is teaching himself with religious, then they are looking at different directions from one point. 

So, religionist follows a specific belief system like the Christian religion, Muslim religion, Jewish religion and many more. Theology is the system of having faith in a particular religion. 


Theology is the study of higher powers and all the related characteristics and traits of the Gods who are involved. So it indicates the type of relationship which social shares with god and various ways of interacting with them. So it will closely dovetail with the religion. Theology will be different in terms of God or deity. So many people might feel that it is an awful thing when compared to religious studies.

The concept of theology will be focusing on the Roman Catholic. Many people will consider the study of this subject to be tedious, complicated, dry and irrelevant, but if you want to know about God, then you will find theology to be indispensable. So, the theological system will help you in distinguishing the difference between the logical propositions regarding the personal relationship with God. 

So with the study of theology, you are making an effort for defining the statement related to God and all the implications and prove it to be coherent, accurate and relevant depending on the self-revelation of God. 

Religious Studies: 

When you will be learning about the traditions of a religion, then you will be learning the ultimate values with the relationship related to worldly lives. It is the way of developing human rights, gender relationship, and loss from the primary sources and it will also help you in analyzing the process of evolution. All the religion in this world is considered to be a living source of ancient values. So with the help of religious studies, you will be investigating the several components of the human culture and society. 

If you are thinking of the principal difference, then you need to spot their way of approach when it comes to understanding god along with its existence. 

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