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What is the difference between stress and depression?


Dipti Singh

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Stress is fine if it motivates you, but it is worse if it puts you down. There can be many factors for the stress you experience. It can cause changes in your body that impacts your overall emotional, physical, and mental health. Depression, on the other hand, is a more serious issue that you have to look up to. It requires a different kind of help as compared to stress. Depression is a highly treatable condition. A survey held by the American College Health Association, in 2010 reported that 28% of college students feel depressed at some point or the other. They had trouble functioning, and about 8% of them sought treatment for depression.

Knowing the difference between stress and depression is important. Though depression and stress affect you in similar ways, you need to figure out these key differences. Depression has a more intense impact on you and causes powerful mood swings. You may feel drained and helpless. Here are a few ways you can distinguish between stress and depression:

1. Stress tends to settle with changes in life events while depression can last for years

2. Stress leans to have evident triggers while depression can hit you out of nowhere

3. Stress is mostly related to current events while depression is linked to unresolved past

4. Stress is encouraged and even socially acceptable while depression still bears social stigma

5. The low-stress level is fine if it motivates you while low depression can still be exhausting

6. Stress leads to high adrenaline continued by crashes, while depression leads to fatigue and wear out.

Most of the time, stress and depression can be managed, and the symptoms seem to reduce completely. Unresolved stress can lead to depression. However, if the feeling continues, it is advised to see a doctor to get the right assessment and stay healthy.

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