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What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

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Riya Kapoor

Anything but predictable

The era of the internet changed our perspective regarding our day to day activities including the way of marketing as well. Social Media Marketing evolved tremendously with time, and now it has become a powerful marketing tool for every company to increase their brand visibility and their leadership.

The terms Retargeting and Remarketing, although used interchangeably by most of us, however, they have some significant difference between them which are discussed below.


In simple words, Retargeting means serving ads to potential customers using cookies. Whenever any customer enters your website and click on a specific product or take any action predefined by you, a cookie is generated into the web browser. You can use the information so collected and resend them ads based on their interactions. The ads resend to them are made by the third party like Google Display Network. 

Retargeting has two parts

  Off-site interactions:  Interactions between your website and entirely new customers. This means sending ads to those customers who are new, by targeting their searches. It's a way of generating newer potential clients. It also involves interactions based on distributed contents done via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

•    On-site interactions: Interactions between your website and the customers who are already aware of your website. This means sending ads to customers based on their previous interactions and searches on your site.  It mainly focuses those customers who have interacted with your website without completing a sale or to the customers who had shown interests into your product but without purchase.


In simple remarketing means sending ads to customers through e-mail campaigns. It is done to re-engage all the potential customers in their mailbox. A primary example of remarketing is Google’s, Remarketing Tool. Remarketing is usually done by various means and during different occasions like:

•    E-mailing those potential customers who have abandoned their shopping cart.

•    E-mailing those potential customers who have added any product to their wish-list or favorite list.

•    E-mailing the potential customers based on their previous purchases and search history.

•    E-mailing those potential customers who have liked a particular product on your website.

Retargeting and remarketing are two different paths to the same goal that is increasing e-commerce and converting customers into potential clients while varying in their strategy.  Retargeting generally involves the use of paid-ads while on the other hand remarketing uses e-mail campaigns to connect to a specific reach of people. 


Bert Woolf

Work for it

Webpage development and digital marketing have become a leading business in the world of technology. Whenever you speak of these businesses, the basic thing which comes to the mind is customers or traffic. Webpage business reaches its success when it gets more and more traffic or customers. A huge amount of traffic views earns you high revenue. Thus you must try to search and apply for the best possible ways to increase your page marketing and sales to increase the traffic. Retargeting and remarketing are two most important marketing tools which help you to reach the maximum number of customers or increase traffic. 

Most of the time, people take these two terms as identical as both retargeting and remarketing have almost the same goals. But, there are certain differences between the two terms.

As it has been already told that the prime factor to increase traffic is to make the customers visit your page. Many times, a customer may visit your webpage but do not complete the whole process to buy to download any link or product or services. Retargeting aims to reach the maximum number of such already visited customers so that they can be convinced to complete the actions like buying or downloading links or products or services. On the other hand, remarketing is another marketing tool which makes the campaign by insisting the customers get engaged and invite them to view their websites. 

Through retargeting, the website visitors are tracked properly through the cookies when they leave the website. However, this tracking is not done in remarketing as the main target here is to reach new customers to make them engaged into the website. 

Promotion of ads and cookies play a great role in retargeting. On the other hand, email marketing is the basic platform to reach customers when it comes to remarketing.

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