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What is the difference between marketing and customer acquisition?


Rohini Pandey

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For any business, whether it be a small business or a big one, customers happen to be the most important aspect. Without the support of the customers, a business can never stand. To make your business flourish you need to have a strong base of loyal customers. It’s for the customers that businesses spend huge amounts of money to promote or market their products. Marketing and customer acquisitions are two different things. One should not mix the two concepts.

What is marketing?

Marketing refers to all the activities of a business that is associated with buying and selling a product or service. Marketing is an umbrella term for all the activities including advertising, selling, and distribution of the products and services. The main task of a marketer is to get the attention of the customers using various marketing strategies which include catchy slogans, attractive packaging and design, media exposure and celebrity endorsements.

To put it in other words, marketing includes all the activities that are performed by a company to gain the attention of the customers. Not only that, but marketing is also used to build and maintain relationships with customers. The main aim of marketing is to promote the products and services of a company to its target customers. This is done to ensure profitability.

What is customer acquisition?

By the term customer acquisition, we mean the process of getting more customers or clients to your business. The main aim of this process is to formulate a sustainable and systematic acquisition strategy including the new changes and trends.
Customer acquisition is important for all types of business. It helps your business to generate income, meet production costs, pay employees and reinvest to grow your business. It also helps in showing traction to outside parties such as partners, investors, and influencers. Customer acquisition helps in converting new customers to sales to ensure the healthy growth of your business and also to keep the investors happy. It can be said that customer acquisition falls somewhere in the middle of the marketing cycle.

Well, now you know the main difference between marketing and customer acquisition. Both these factors are extremely important for a business of any size and age as it helps it grow and flourish.

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