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What is the difference between love and infatuation?

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Shivani Mehul

Be the exception

Many people confuse these two terms “Love “and “Infatuation.” How can one tell if they are in love or are infatuated? This is always a topic very hard for many people to digest and understand.  Some people think they are in love when indeed they are fascinated. Love and Infatuation are so close in feeling that figuring out becomes confusing. If you are in this position, then you are in the right place. I will outline five signs that will help you to know the difference between love and infatuation.

1. Passion is a feeling very close to love, but it lasts for a short period. Love, on the other hand, continues for a long time and almost infinite. Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, what if I told you that it is not always the case. Sometimes what you feel after seeing someone for the first time is infatuation. Love takes time to build, and it comes from knowing someone deeper. One thing is sure though; infatuation can grow to love or completely remain short-lived depending on the circumstances.

2. Infatuation seeks for physical affection while love seeks for a deep connection with the person. Passion focuses more on the physical relationship with the person and always wanting to be with the person. Love, on the other hand, focuses on knowing someone deeply. It focuses on know the person’s likes and dislikes, and is a feeling of a strong affection and connection with someone.

3. Infatuation is selfish while love is selfless. Desire involves you thinking about how your relationship with someone will be beneficial to you. In this case, you envision yourself with someone doing the things you love, and in the places, you will like to be. Love, on the other hand, is about what your partner wants and where he/she wants to be. Love takes into consideration the feelings, emotions, and desires of the partner before envisaging anything.

4. Infatuation involves jealousy and lack of trust while love is filled with faith. When you are fascinated, you want someone all to yourself and always feel jealous thus leading to lack of trust. Love, on the other hand, is filled with belief. Love gives you confidence and drives away any form of jealousy thoughts.

5. If you claim to be in love with someone because of the way they laugh, smile, walk, and other superficial things, then you are infatuated and not in love. Love involves attraction to a person at a deeper level and excludes any form of superficial or physical attraction.

Although both infatuation and love are extreme emotions, telling the difference between them is very important. Once you can tell the difference, you can know what is worth valuing and what is not.


Chand Shere

Trust yourself

Love and infatuation both are forms of emotions. They are intense emotions which persist between the couple, and there are several people who misunderstand the real meaning of it. One thing that is common in both these emotions is that it’s an intense attraction that one feels for others. So let’s find the difference between the two.

1.    Infatuation is something which happens instantly. While on the other hand Love is an emotion which develops in a slow process.

2.    Infatuation is a one-sided feeling where you are not sure about others point of view.   Love is a feeling which one develops after knowing the other person in life and ready to compromise in making that person happy.

3.    Loyalty, confidence, faithfulness, urge to make sacrifice are signs of being in love. Urgency, sexual desire, intensity, anxiety as well as choices with high risk are some of the key signs of having an infatuation for someone. 

4.    Love is the mature acceptance of the flaws of someone you really like and contains the feeling of gentle understanding. Infatuation, on the other hand, is a feeling which makes a person become selfish especially in the case when other partner’s reaction remains not as per expectation. 

The above are some of the major differences which you can see and feel when you try to find what’s in your mind and heart, infatuation or love for the other person. 


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