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What is the difference between leader and manager?

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Elizabeth T Flanagan

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Manager and leader are two different types of people with different set of skills and characteristics. We have leaders who fail to lead, and we have managers who cannot manage and do their things right. But there are some significant differences between the positions. Following are some of the most important differences between a leader and a manager:

1. Meaning and Definition: 
     Let us start by understanding the primary purpose of both the terms. A leader is the one who leads or commands or a person who influences a group of people whereas a manager is who is in charge of the organization and is responsible for running the organization. 

2. The behavior of the Manager and Leader: 
     There are slight differences in their response and their approach. A leader is concerned about managing the tasks aims to achieve the desired results. On the other hand, a leader always inspires and encourages his/her team members to do better. Leaders also have goals. But they inspire and encourage their followers into it and work altogether in fulfilling that vision whereas a manager only focuses on achieving their goals and objectives.

3. Approach: 
    Both the manager and leader follow different types of procedures to achieve their goals. A leader sets a direction and creates a vision whereas a manager plans objectives and goals.

4. Aim: 
    The primary objective of a leader is to grow and fully develop. A successful leader is always open to change and willing to become. On the other hand, a manager doesn’t care about the growth of his/her team members. A manager is concerned with the business growth and profits whereas a leader focuses on the career growth of his/her employees. We can say that leaders work on long-term goals whereas managers have short-term goals.

5. Change: 
    Leaders are open and transparent and always tend to promote the switch for the betterment of their group. Whereas a manager doesn’t believe in change. He/ She prefers stability and do not embrace any change.

6. Decision Making: 
     Leaders are expert decision makers and make decisions so that they can empower their groups or colleagues. On the other hand, a manager makes their choice and shares their plan with their colleagues without taking consent from their other group members.

7. Style: 
    Leaders promote change whereas managers stick with the previously followed works and processes. Leaders always focus on the people whereas managers focus on the process and the procedure. A leader will align them together whereas a manager will organize them and make them work together to achieve the goals.


Mariana Pobornikova

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Managers manage work - it's more of an administrative task. Leaders inspire people to achieve the organizational goals.

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