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What is the difference between IT engineering and computer engineering?


Wafa Khan

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Computer engineering is related to design, research, and development of equipment which are the components of a computer. Computer engineering focuses on software or hardware knowledge. On the other hand, information engineering focuses on the use of technology and not develop as it happens with computer engineering. 

The two fields are however are related. Computer engineering can, however, be divided into two sections which are Software engineering and hardware engineering. Software engineering deals with the development of software while hardware engineering deals with electronic components. In general, hardware engineering combines all areas of electrical engineering. The area deals with different components like circuit systems. Information engineering deals with storing, transmission, manipulation and retrieving data. Mainly it focuses on the use of computers in businesses.

Computer engineering and information engineering area to be twins and close sectors but in the real sense they are different and have different objectives. The two sections have been misunderstood to an- extent that many students and even parents think that computer engineering has a bigger scope than information engineering. This misconception has led to a bigger demand for computer engineering. To understand both areas, computer engineering mostly deals with computers, and therefore many computer engineers get involved in many aspects of computing. On the other hand information engineering deals with the use of electronic computers and software to protect, store, transit, securely retrieve information. In general information technology refers to the technology that helps manipulate, produce, communicate and store. Information technology engineers perform different duties which start with installing apps to management, software design, network engineering and the proper management of the systems. 

Differences at glance

Computer engineering is the study of computing and how to solve problems using computers. Through computer engineering, people learn the types of problems that can be solved using a computer. The information system is the study of how technology can meet information management. The tools can be process-based, human-based and even technological. Familiarity with the tools is important for a good IT engineer. The relationship between computer engineering and Information engineering is close because in both technologies is used to solve specific problems. 

In many cases, computer engineering application often combines many pillars of information engineering. Information engineering is the software and hardware products which result mainly come from the work of computer engineering and many other disciplines associated with computer engineering.

In conclusion, we can describe computer science engineers as simply architects since it's them that build the computers while also playing the part of electricians. On the other hand, the IT engineers take up the work from the computer engineers and add functionalities to the build system.

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