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Some people confuse both Humanities and Social Science to be almost similar disciplines of study as both the subject matters deal with various aspects of human behavior and his relationship with society. The subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences are the same as Economics, Psychology, Law, Sociology, Linguistics, etc.  but there is a lot of difference between Humanities and Social Science. Let’s discuss the differences below:

1. Both Humanities and Social Science studies the society and human relationship as a whole; humanities believe in a more defined, critical and analytical approach towards society but Social Science is somewhat different. When the social approach is dealt with in a more scientific way, then it is Social Science. 

2. Humanities is more subjective, but Social Science is more objective. In other words, the studies of Humanities are mostly based on assumptions and philosophies. Here comes the difference with Social Science as Social Science is based on the studies of reality, whether it is in the ancient or related to the current world. There are available facts and logic in the subjects of Social Science.

3. Humanities focus mostly on the tradition, culture, and heritage of the society on how human beings are developed. On the other hand, Social Science critically studies the factual differences between Humanities and Pure Sciences. 

4. The scope for studies, research and surveys in Humanities is much less compared to Social Science. There is a varied scope for conducting research and studies in the subjects of Social Science through which observation, analysis, hypothesis, and conclusions can be gained. As Social Science is related to the practical social world, the scope of obtaining primary or secondary data is also easy.

5. Humanities have very little to do with current marketing strategies or policy implementation. Social Science is a professional study of current social affairs for which the researches and studies conducted by the social scientists help a lot in changing the prevailing marketing strategies through proper analysis and receiving feedback from the common people.

6. Humanities is a much older subject discipline whereas, Social Science is a modern branch of the discipline. Thus, you can get traces of ancient Greek civilization in various subjects of Humanities. Social Sciences have certain subjects which are entirely new, and further subjects also keep on developing.

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