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What is the difference between creativity and innovation? Which one is better?


Arden Yook

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To carefully understand the difference between creativity and innovation, let’s take each of them on an alternative basis and understand their real differences:

Creativity vs. Innovation

1. Creativity is the power and the ability to think something new, revolutionary and different from the world. It helps in bringing new values, helps in people’s betterment and serves in producing a revolutionized product.
In simple terms, Innovation can be defined as a new thought, idea and imaginations in the form of a product or a service. More often, it means developing solutions for existing problems and meets the existing marketing demands.

2. With the help of creativity, you can create a product which doesn’t need a backup and stands firmly without any support.
Innovation is first implemented and then reused time to time. It is to benefit the customers and used to eradicate the potential problems.

3. Other than innovation, creativity requires lots of expressions. Without expressing, you cannot define creativity and develop revolutionary products.
Here, the expression can be used on personal terms such as the designer can sketch creative designs to make a perfect one.
Innovation requires implementation; it doesn’t matter whether on a bigger or a smaller scale. With innovation, improvements are brought into practice and are simply a team’s work towards a product or service.

4. With Creativity, you can start a fresh way to look at things and think of creative ideas and break the boundaries of limited thinking.
With innovation, you can make innovative products and services and solve the issues of the existing audience.

Which One is better?

Whether it is innovation or creativity, everything depends on the user’s perspective. What is the actual demand of the audience and how a company work’s towards solving them is all that matters at the end of the day.

While checking with Creativity Vs. Innovation, we can see some potential points; there could be no innovation without creativity. Whether you are making any product or service, innovation needs a backup of creativity which can make the entire process new and an interesting one.

Creativity is a part of innovation and without it, the process of innovation can become boring.

Thus, we can’t really choose which one is better as both creativity and innovation are interlinked with each other.

Summing things up:

  • Creativity is more on the original side but is not as effective as innovation.

  • Innovation is more on the effective side but needs creativity to make it look vibrant and full of ideas.


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