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What is the difference between arts and humanities?


Krishna Mehta

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Arts and humanities are the two oldest field of study known to man for a long time. Arts is considered as a form which cannot be left out and recognized as a part of the education package, whereas humanities take into consideration with different varieties and sometimes a separate set of disciplines from literature to political history.


It is a theory and physical expression which is found in culture and human society. It has various forms like literature, performing arts and visual arts. It acts as a medium to communicate with human beings about changes that took place in the environment as time passed from pre-ancient era to modern era with the help of sculptures, pictures, books, etc. 

As time passed in modern Academia, arts became a part of humanities which covers few subjects like history, literature, linguistics, philosophy, etc. which all are part of skills. For example, literature is a humanities subject taught or explained to the audience through drama where drama is a form of art. 


It is a study of how people process and document the human experience. It uses arts to express their experience. In the modern era, it is compared by natural, social, science and even professional training to bring differences between humanities and other things. It includes literature, modern and ancient languages, History, philosophy, human geography, law, religion, politics,  and art. As humanity is a way of expressing things to society and humans have been able to use skills incredibly well which have traditionally fallen under the humanities category. 

It gives the opportunity for humans to feel a sense of connection with people who lived in the past and the present as well. The meaning of humanity has been changing for ages. From the ancient period to the modern era it has become a subject along with arts which is vastly popular all over the world. For example, anything which has happened in the past will be saved using different forms of art like sculptures, etc which will be experienced only by humans as we can sense by touching them or viewing them.

Scholars in humanities are known as "humanists" where artists in the period between the 14th century to 17 century are also known as "humanists." The dance by performance art is known as performance artists in the modern era. As we know, skills are values and human care gives importance to those values which are only done by experiencing them which is a part of humanity. After all the research and knowledge regarding this, there will be still this question what is the difference, and it will go on for ages. These two are the pillars for culture, history, and tradition of any place which is either of past, present or future.

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