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What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?


Rohini Dhatt

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are used interchangeably, even though both have some variation.

Let us discuss the differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in details.

Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of Science dealing with machines to find solutions to complex problems in a more human way.

  • This involves implementing characteristics from human intelligence and using them as algorithms in the computer-generated world.

Artificial Intelligence can be considered as the broadest field of the advanced system of computers. Artificial Intelligence can refer to anything like an advanced gaming robot or a voice-activated system like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is divided broadly into three categories

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence:  The systems based on close artificial intelligence are capable of performing only limited pre-defined functions. For example Siri.

  • General Artificial Intelligence: The systems based on general artificial intelligence are capable of learning, adapting and then performing any challenging task accordingly.

  • Super Artificial Intelligence: Super Artificial Intelligence is the most advanced form of artificial intelligence, and it is considered to be more powerful and intelligent than any of the smartest human alive. 

Artificial Intelligence focuses mainly on the chances of success rather than just accuracy. It is based on decision making to solve any complex task. The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence is to gain intelligence/wisdom. Artificial Intelligence provides an optimal solution to a problem.

Machine Learning 

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial intelligence used to attain a specific task. Machine Learning is used to produce machines that can learn a task on its own without the need for programming them explicitly.

One of the prime foundations on which Machine Learning rests is the experience. The more the machine is trained, the better it performs.

  • Machine learning pays more attention to accuracy rather than just chances of success.
  • It takes in data and then learns from the data so collected. 
  • Machine Learning provides a solution to a problem which may or may not be optimal.
  • Machine Learning ultimately leads to knowledge.

The whole thing can be summarised that Artificial Intelligence is the entire book where Machine Learning is a module in it.

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