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What is the difference between advertising and public relations?


Tanuja Chaudhuri

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Both advertising and Public relations are essential factors for the growth and development of a business or brand. People often mistake the two things as the same one and cannot find out the difference between the two. Advertising is an activity where a particular brand or product is being commercially presented to the audiences for increasing its sales growth. This process may use broadcasting, support media, direct marketing, print media or digital marketing as its tool. On the other hand, public relations is the process through which a company maintains its professional interaction between its clients and employees through various professional activities. It may be still confusing for you to identify the actual differences through a single definition as both the terms are related to the increase of clients for the sales growth. Thus, in this article, you can find the points of how advertising differs from Public Relations.

1. When it comes to advertising, you always need the support of a media to publish your brand through commercial strategies.  The more your brand gets publicity through ads, the more people get attracted towards it and think for a buy. 

Public Relations (PR), on the other hand, develops its strategies and target goals to get clients and customers. Here the need for media is not much important.

2. Advertising gains fewer audiences than PR activities. The reason is, ads are made commercially by a company for which people get conscious that they are solely made to make their products sell in the market. 

Public relations are not like that and people can hardly understand the strategies from outside and get conscious. They try to respond well, and the product brand receives the benefit. 

3. Advertisements are covered within a short period, and the contents keep on changing. People may or may not be responding to the ads.

PR is a long term process, and a single step is followed for a long time until the goal is not reached. People find it interesting to respond to these strategies.

4. Your advertisements strongly depend on the amount of sum you are paying for the media to publish it. There are no such details of the product through advertisement.

PR needs to go through the work and ask the owner to share the way he needs his information to be shared. The report is also narrated in details and differences. 

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