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What is the dark side of a job at any IT company?


Yadu Prasad

Do less with more focus

 Once a person finishes his technical degree, he or she is ready to do a job. If the individual has passed with flying colors and has done some internship, then getting a job in an IT sector becomes even more accessible. We have seen that it is the dream of many people to get a job in IT and why not, this is one of the highest paying sectors. There are many perks of doing a job in an IT company, but have you ever realized what headaches it brings. Here are some of the points that will show you the dark side of working in an IT sector.

Long working hours

Generally, when someone describes the working hours of a standard IT job, he or she says it to be in between 9 am to 5 PM. Ask a question to you, is it true? The answer will be a big no. If you ask about the working hours of an IT professional, then there is no fixed duration. You have to work according to the time required for the particular project that you are working on. This is something that changes the whole life of an individual. What is the use of the money, if you cannot live your life on your terms?

Your focus will shift to one point only

Life is not about just one job. It is instead about getting progressions, but if you are an IT professional, you cannot focus on any other thing, be it studies or any other work. The workload in this industry is so high that you do not get the time to shift your focus on other things. However, it is good for the people who want to look for their future in this field only.

Aging is a problem here

It is very obvious that young minds are more innovative and the company needs more innovative ideas. So, the workers above the age of 45 or 50 start feeling a little out of the box. Their experience matters, but they are not contacted for getting ideas on any project.

You could be asked to leave the company at any point in time

The success or growth of a company depends on the work of its employees as well as on the market position. If the company is not doing well in the market and you too are lacking in your performance, then you could be asked to leave the company.

So, the points mentioned above are some of the drawbacks of working at an IT company. 

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