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What is the cryptography mechanism which hides secret?


Vicky Sen

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Cryptography or cryptology can be defined as a typical practice as well as the study of different techniques which can secure communication even in the presence of any third party known as adversaries.  To be very precise we can say, cryptography is a technical art form for constructing as well as analyzing protocols which can prevent any third party or even public from reading out any private messages. In telecommunications and data industry, cryptography is very important for making communication via any un-trusted medium that includes any type of network, especially the Internet.

There are few standard methods of cryptography which is used to hide secrets.

  1. Secret key (Symmetric): Here one key is only used for both decryption and encryption. The sender makes use of the key to encrypt the plaintext and on the other hand, send or forward the cipher-text to the person at the receiver end.
  2. Public key (Asymmetric): It is an advanced method which is a two-key cryptosystem.  In this method, there will be two parties who can get engaged in making secure communication across an insecure channel of communication without sharing any secret key 
  3. Digital signature: The digital signature looks like a stamp or a signature of the sender which is then embedded with the secret data and encrypted with a private key for forwarding to other parties.

Apart from the above three methods, there is the Hash function method too. It basically uses a mathematical transformation for irreversibly encrypted information, in the form of a digital fingerprint. Cryptography is responsible for covering 3 essential areas which are authentication, integrity, as well as confidentiality.

  • Authentication: Authentication can be defined as a process of Cryptography which offers certificates in the form of solution.
  • Integrity:  Integrity can be defined as the way one can protect the data, apart from the certificates it can be applied in other technique which “digital signatures”, in order to ensure no one can in actual impersonate the user.
  • Confidentiality:  With the use of Cipher, you will be in a position to keep the information secret specifically when one send any sensitive data across a network. 

We hope the above discussion gave you a rough idea about what cryptography mechanism is and the methods and essentials of it used to hide data. Cryptography is making its presence felt across the globe. 

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