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What is the best way to prevent poor food safety?


Lakshmi Atwal

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Food safety refers to the protection of food from germs and other dirty things. It relates to the preparation, storing and handling food in a way which reduces the chances of people getting infected from illness caused by diet. If someone eats a portion of contaminated food, the person is likely to have stomach problems or an upset stomach.

Moreover, food-borne illness can be severe if a person eats contaminated food regularly. Usually, the roadside stalls don’t have good quality foods, and that is the reason why parents don’t advise their children to eat anything from outside. Poor food safety is a significant concern in all over the world because everyone wants to fill their pockets and no one is concerned about anyone’s health.

The Best Ways For Preventing Poor Food Safety: 

Some of the best ways are:

  • Wash your hands properly – Many people wash their hands, but they don’t do it properly. They must use a proper amount of soap and then remove them properly. People are in a hurry while washing their hands. On the other hand, some people don’t care to wash their hands which affects their health adversely.

  • Proper Storage – Improper storage of food is one of the primary reasons for poor food safety. In the case of fruits and vegetables, one should store them after cutting them as it gets exposed to the environmental contaminants. Moreover, fruits and vegetables should be stored on top, and the meat should be stored in a different area so that the raw meat doesn’t get dipped onto the fruits.

  • Cooking at the right temperature- Usually, a portion of food is checked if it’s proper to eat or not is determined by its color, odor, and texture. The heat also plays a significant role, but no one knows it. When someone is cooking an egg, he/she should check whether both the white and the yolk should be firm or not.

  • Proper rinsing of utensils – Utensils should be rinsed appropriately and then used for cooking. Without which, it will lead to the contamination of food. Moreover, cutting boards must be washed after using them for food such as meat and poultries.

  • Check expiry dates- Expiry dates refer to the time after which the food will not be suitable to eat. It is highly risky to eat that packaged food after the expiry date.

As the cases of food poisoning are increasing day by day even leading to the deaths of many people, it is essential to prevent poor food safety.

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