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What is the best way to learn physics?

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Sanketika Munish

Just going with the flow

Physics is one such subject of the science stream that actually gave many students severe headaches as it covers complex problems that need strong mathematics to solve. But those who like it find it very interesting.  It is a very unusual natural science that contributed massively towards helping many understand closely the world surrounding us and how to develop it technologically. We will share a few techniques which can help you to gain a strong understanding of the subject of physics and also manage to get good marks in exams in this subject.

•    Strong understanding of the subject basics:  Central theories are key aspects when physics as a subject is considered. You can call central theories as of the center of Physics from which different aspects are developed. Each of the mathematical problems which one is supposed to solve in physics needs to evolve via these central theories or with minor variation. Don’t make the mistake of memorizing physics theories rather make a clear understanding of basic concepts. 

•    Make your mathematical skill strong: As you already know that when you study Physics you will find that it actually incorporates several mathematical elements. This clearly means that if you are good at maths then you would easily make a strong grip on this subject. Study both mathematics and physics side by side and this is going to help you in improving your management of the formulas as well as concepts. We will recommend you to make a habit of memorizing mathematical equations in physics.

•    Make use of Score-boosting Strategies: You will be given various information to solve a problem, out of which some will be useful and few may not. You need to develop the skill to detect a useful piece of information. Make the application of correct units for solving the problems of physics (gram, Newton, second, Joules, watts, etc). Check every minute detail to solve the problem. Make use of drawings or better to say diagrams to describe the answer to the question. This will help you to score better. Once you derived the answer don’t be overconfident and recheck the answers twice before submitting it.

•    Practice, practice, and practice: We all know and believe in the fact that more you practice more you make your grip sharp on any work or subject.  The more you practice solving critical physics questions better will be the understanding of the subject and make you confident in answering the questions in exams.


Poonam Choudhry

Exist on your own terms

Physics is probably one of the toughest subjects to study. It involves a lot of understanding and mathematical formulas. For someone who doesn’t have a strong foundation in maths can find the subject even tougher. However, every one of us has to deal with the subject until the time you are given a choice to choose your referred stream.

If you are struggling to learn physics, you need to pay more attention to it. You can learn a subject if you continue to hate it. You need first to love the subject and only then it will love you back.

Best way to learn physics: what should you do?

If you think that you learn physics in one day or just before the day of your exam, then you are very wrong. It takes a lot of concentration to understand important concepts. The best way to learn physics is to learn it every day. You can study a bit every day and then revise it by the end of the week. This will help you to learn the important stuff nicely.

If you are weak in physics, you should not miss the classes. When attending a physics class, you can clear your queries from your teacher. Not just that, but you should also take notes in the class. This will help you to stay up-to-date with what is being taught in your class.

You should also refer to the textbooks. You cannot learn physics without studying the books thoroughly. If you want, you can also look for reference books on the web.

If you are dedicated to learning the subject, nothing can stop you. You may find it difficult to understand in the beginning, but as you get deeper into it, the concepts will get clearer.

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